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General Discussion / Re: Topicless
« Last post by random axe on February 15, 2019, 06:42:17 PM »
Yeah, I just always replace the "www" with "old" to make Reddit use decent web design.  :shrug:  ALAS, sometimes when you click on a Reddit page link in an page, it goes to the new crappy Reddit version instead of the old.reddit version.  Then I have to slightly modify the URL manually, like a cave man.

Still, it's a lot easier than un-AMPing idiotic shit AMP versions of pages.

I'll have to take a little time to see how that AutoNewspaper sub compares to the news/new sub.

I have this dream that someday local news websites will realize that THEY NEED TO PUT THEIR LOCATION AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE because not everyone reading that page is local.  You know, that whole "world wide" web thing.  :eyeroll:
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Small Screen / Big Screen
« Last post by random axe on February 15, 2019, 06:38:41 PM »
Maybe we're too old, and the ads don't click with us.  :eek:

I asked three of my college-aged employees, though, and they said they ignore online ads for shows and movies entirely and rely on word of mouth / internet.  :shrug:
General Discussion / Re: Topicless
« Last post by mo on February 15, 2019, 05:54:47 PM »
I just learned of the existence of this sub on reddit which is a bot publishing all news articles from a long list of news sources. I assume it is crawling RSS feeds. You still have to deal with the bullshit of each news agencies' javascript, but it's a decent way to skim headlines, at least. Well, if you've opted out of the new reddit design.

Or you can look at individual feeds:

Arts & Entertainment / Re: Small Screen / Big Screen
« Last post by mo on February 15, 2019, 05:21:49 PM »
I watched IT after Sidious recommended it. I'm eternally grateful. I probably wouldn't have watched it otherwise, it looked unappetizing for some reason.

Chris O'Dowd, the main character, stars in another Epix/Netflix series, Get Shorty and it's really good stuff too. I put off watching it for a long time because it was tainted by John Travolta in my mind (film version).

I wonder how much good stuff I miss because of these misconceptions.

I've only got 2-3 apps on my phone, and one of them is WiFi Transfer for moving pics to my desktop. On my old phone, I used to be able to just plug it into a USB. The SMARTphone doesn't do that.
Arts & Entertainment / Re: Small Screen / Big Screen
« Last post by random axe on February 14, 2019, 04:49:32 PM »
We have a new kitten -- I don't have any decent photos yet because (A) I'm not good at taking photos, (B) I'm not good at DOING anything with photos once they're stuck on my phone (although I'm told there are apps that will automatically upload them to web storage for ya when you've got the wifis), and (C) I'm not the one who generally takes cat photos.

BUT anyway we have a new kitten and there will be photos eventually, but the POINT is that my work schedule is flexy these days, and so I'm often assigned to sit at home with the kids during the day.  But the kitten wants to lie on my lap, over one arm, most of the time, and I don't currently have a desk, as such, so . . . I can look at a book or look at my phone while the kitten sleeps.  And he sleeps a lot, because kitten.

As a result, I'm weirdly getting around to watching things on YouTube that I thought I wouldn't get to see, since I cancelled my Netflix account.  (And good riddance to Netflix, who just keep getting shittier to use, like every big web company.  I opt out, bitches.)

First, I finally saw Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, which is just six episodes but honestly brilliant.  It's the kind of funny like Snuff Box where you may not laugh during, although you'll be entertained, but you'll be thinking about it later and want to make someone else watch it.  It's also extremely quotable, and I almost felt like I should be taking notes.

That led me to finally see some of The IT Crowd, which is magically good.  The thing is, I never got into it before because Netflix's ads for it honestly made it look so very bad.  The kind of bad that makes you sad.  I think, now, that those ads were misguided rather than merely atrocious.  They were the kind of references that delight people who've already seen the show, not the kind that would tempt people who haven't seen it.

I can't seem to find it on YouTube in a really good format -- the picture's always slightly cropped, and so on.  I suspect this is because the streams I'm seeing aren't actually legal.  I can't tell, because YouTube is shit at tracking and reporting and labeling and sorting, and as user content it all comes out as slightly soiled video toothpaste.  The mobile version of YouTube is AWFUL to try to search and sort through, which I suspect is not accidental, as what it does it make you tend to give up and just use the links that YouTube returns first.

I'm not a Torrents actually increase sales, is the thing!1! guy, BUT I'd buy the DVDs of The IT Crowd.  Used, unfortunately, because I'm broke, and the local used DVD place will take other stuff from me on trade.  But still.  Is good.

IT Crowd turns out to be written by Graham Linehan, who also brought us Father Ted and Black Books, and if I'd known that, I would've tried it a lot sooner.
Science & Technology / Re: Endless Complaining
« Last post by random axe on February 11, 2019, 05:39:01 PM »
SO now Chrome . . . F6 doesn't just move the cursor to the address bar but also sometimes selects a tab, uh, tab, instead.

First of all, there are already keyboard shortcuts for every piece of tab management that you seem to be able to do from said tab tab selection.  It's hard to believe Google hasn't removed those keyboard shortcuts, but not yet.  So this seems to be a sloppy unnecessary duplication of function.

Second of all . . . the F6 key now does two unrelated things.  What The Fuck.  Neither F7 nor F8 nor F9 nor F10 seems to do a damned thing, so it's not like they'd run out of keys.  This is the purest kind of stupid and bad.

Weirdly . . . Google's own support page claims that F10 selects "the last item in the Chrome toolbar".  That either doesn't mean what I think it does, or it doesn't work.  :shrug:

It also claims that pressing F10 + Enter opens the Chrome Menu.  Not on my install of Chrome, it doesn't.  Also, WTF kind of key combination is that?  Control, Shift, Alt -- those are continuous function keys.  The Function Keys, per se, are supposed to be instant, not continuous.

Do the people at Google not normally use computers?
Science & Technology / Re: Endless Complaining
« Last post by random axe on February 11, 2019, 04:33:50 PM »
Seriously, it's not original for me to say it, but 3.11 was the best overall, even without strong multitasking.  It was fast and light, it was simple, it was easy to customize at considerable depth -- it was easy to alter menus and hotkeys, FFS, or to get swappable third-party desktop shells for.  When something went wrong, it was easy to restart. 

edit:  Also, I think 3.11 was the last version that had a fully functional version of Paint.  This is minor, but also symptomatic.  MS could never bother to fix, say, the color eraser on later versions of Paint, even though they still included the color eraser with later versions of Paint.  :nonplused:

Of the post-95 versions, XP is still the only one I found truly tolerable.

My ancient ThinkPad is finally starting to really die.  :(  Not sure how I'll replace it.  It was under $200, it's worked flawlessly for I think six years (except the DVD drive, which became untrustworthy after about two years), it has a terrific keyboard, and it runs my Linux install perfectly.  I've never asked anything more difficult of it than streaming video, and it was my Netflix machine for years.  I mostly use it for writing.

I dunno.  Part of it is just that I'm so sick of farking around with uncooperative PCs, trying to get them to usable.  I start reading articles on how to Linux a used Chromebook or some damned thing, and my brain starts to throw up.  :whatever:
Science & Technology / Re: Geek Talk
« Last post by random axe on February 11, 2019, 04:25:08 PM »
Single reporter, but in my own experience LED bulbs are much more reliable than incandescents.  I had a medium-exotic LED bulb die a couple of weeks ago, but that's the only one I can think of that suffered a major malfunction, and I've owned dozens. 

The one that died had many LEDs on just one side and was rotatable -- I own half a dozen of that specific type, and those particular bulbs get quite hot.  They have heatsinks built into the other side, but the one that died was being used in the shop, was left on permanently, and after about six months it overheated and went to about half-brightness.  It was mounted up near the ceiling in a display window, so not ideal for air circulation.  :nonplused: 

I moved it to a friendlier socket ( :knotty: ), and it gradually lost brightness over the next month or so until it was uselessly dim.

The #1 problem I have with LED lamps is that non-screw-type (ones that just have wires sticking out of them) often have EXTREMELY flimsy wire attachment.  They're super-fragile, and if the wires break off, it's a huge pain in the ass to solder them back on.  Usually not worth it.  So if you're buying wire-in-place from Banggood or Amazon, the comments will often say to immediately put a dab of epoxy or something on point where the wires are attached.

The screw-in bulbs, though . . . I understand people who have issues with the color available.  Although warmer hues are rare, it seems like it just wouldn't be hard to put a slightly colored shell on the thing.  If you want an 800 lumen warm bulb, getting a 1500 lumen cool white one with a warm shell ought to do the trick, and it's not that much more expensive.  Heat build-up would be a little more, but whatevs.
Science & Technology / Re: Endless Complaining
« Last post by Sidious on February 10, 2019, 12:06:54 PM »
I have to say, I've used every version of Windows in some capacity since Windows 3.

Windows 10 is the worst one, hands down.
Science & Technology / Re: Geek Talk
« Last post by mo on February 09, 2019, 07:13:03 PM »
I thought the benefit of the dimmable bulbs was that they were less susceptible to failure because they can handle voltage fluctuations better. I dunno. The one thing I came away with is it's a very complicated topic compared to incandescent bulbs.
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