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Things I Didn't Expect to See Today

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This morning I was stuck at a redlight in front of a drugstore. I looked at the store and noticed a rooster standing by the front door. There was also a van a few feet away, and there was a woman standing next to the van, the big sliding door was open, and she looked like she might have been talking to the rooster. So, okay, maybe it's her pet rooster and she's trying to coerce it back in the van.

This evening, we're going out to eat, and we pass by the same store. This is like 8 hours later or so. I'm telling my gf the story as we're riding by, pointing at the store, and I notice the rooster is still there. So, okay. I whip it around and we go back to look at the rooster. Only it's not just a rooster, we find out as we pull up to the store. There's 3 hens, a rooster and 4 baby chicks. People are coming and going out of the store looking at the chickens with a confused grin on their faces. This is an urban area. No farms anywhere near it. We're sitting there a few feet away, looking at the mother hen, the chicks and the rooster, and the chicks decide they want to go into the woods next to the parking lot. They strut right by in front of the car, with the mother hen following, and they disappear into the woods. It was too cute! And weird!

Drinking. And smoking. Outside my window. At 6 am.

I mean, usually 'round here it's just me and a book and a lamp at that time of night.

Also last night I learned--via loud hallway gossip--that a girl who lives here--or who dates a boy who lives here, I've lost track of who actually lives here anymore--is "way way way high maintenance" but that she is also "fuckin' hot, dude." The two factors seemed to balance out. Or at least amplify each other.


A mouse. Running in and out of the trunk of the car in front of me at a stop light.   :o

It was an old, beat-up car, and the mouse was running back and forth on the bumper and in and out of the trunk, looking generally frightened. It was kinda cute, in a really gross way. It made it back into the trunk when the car started moving again.

Last night, we join one of Josh's friends at a place because he'd had to miss the birthday thing on Tuesday. Another friend showed up, a big biker kinda dude: leather Harley jacket, bandana, piercings, tattoos, etc. (If he had a full beard, he'd be a candidate for bear pr0n). Anyway. He drags Josh out to his vehicle to give him a birthday present.

A handmade candle. Candles that he and his parents make.  ???

Dr. Leonard HmofCoy:
Man, the way that story started I'm afraid to ask how the candle was ... uh ... delivered.


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