Author Topic: Endless Complaining  (Read 79739 times)

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Re: Endless Complaining
« Reply #1410 on: May 27, 2019, 09:51:00 AM »
Had the Chromebook awhile now.

- Definitely enormously better if you use a mouse with it.  The touchpad and touchpad interface are just terrible.

- It has ONE USB port, though.  One.  Doesn't do well with a USB splitter, so, you know.  Just one thing at a time.  Feels like a dishwasher that has space for one piece of silverware.

- The Chrome OS is embarrassingly bad.  It makes me appreciate my phone . . . which is an Android phone.  How did they even do that?  I think they started with a phone OS and adapted it badly to a notebook interface.

- Chrome, itself, is still slow and insanely butt-stupid out of the box.  Yes, you can spend your life looking for extensions, but don't use the Google Store to find a good one, because the Google Store is very sad and doesn't vet stuff for crap -- instead, google for what you want and look for independent reviews.  Chrome doesn't handle extensions very well, partly because it's interface mostly boils down to You're Not Smart Enough To Have An Interface.

- The fake function keys are of the We Had A Better Idea type, where they absolutely did not have better ideas.  Controlling the address bar is hopelessly clunky, despite being fundamental, and that largely sums up Google's design philosophy for ya.

- The wifi antenna on this thing is really bad.  Which is dumb, considering that without a wireless internet connection it's a brick.  And it doesn't do LTE, or anything, nor does it have a port for a network cable, so . . . sit near a router.

So basically I use the thing to check my email from home (which is prohibitively difficult / unpleasant from my phone), to use Amazon from home, or to use Google Maps.  And almost nothing else.

I still certainly like it better than the idea of Alexa, etc.  But, lord knows, this is not good technology.