Author Topic: Sorry about the downtime!  (Read 20 times)


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Sorry about the downtime!
« on: Yesterday at 06:24:07 AM »
Sorry about the downtime!

Short version: An update seems to be expecting a newer PHP version than is running and I suck at keeping my hosting details in order.

Anyway, we're now running an old version of the forum, so I will try to upgrade it again ASAP (could be tonight or this weekend if I get time). If there are any more issues with it, I will try to keep everyone updated on the BCHN Slack.

If you get any “this is insecure” type messages, make sure you’re using `https://` in the url. It doesn’t seem to be pushing to https properly, but if you’re already using it, you should be fine.

I hope you're all well! :love:
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Re: Sorry about the downtime!
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Re: Sorry about the downtime!
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It's symbolic of our struggle against reality.


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Re: Sorry about the downtime!
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you'd be surprised how much a nutsack can stretch. you have to stretch it yourself, not a woman. they don't do it quite right.


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Re: Sorry about the downtime!
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