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random axe:
Because sometimes it's the little things that push us over the edge.

random axe:
So we have a newish kitten (like 4.5 months old, now?), who is terrific, but yesterday, while we were playing with him, we knocked a pillcase off the counter.  And it burst open when it landed on the floor.  And of course he was curious about all the multicolored little toys that skittered and bounced away.

He was sequestered quickly, and we picked up the pills . . . except one was missing.  And potentially toxic.  Sure.  Were we certain it had been in the case?  Almost entirely perfectly certain.

SO we had to deconstruct the house, starting with the site of the spill and moving outward.  In all, this consumed about three hours, and it eventually included very carefully searching places the pill could not have ended up in.  I mean, places where the pill could as easily have appeared if the pillcase had not been opened at all, because a miracle would have been required.

We did not find the pill.  I swept; I vacuumed.  I went through the contents of the dustpan; I cut open the vacuum bag (outside) and sorted through the mess by hand.

No pill.

Of course.  Just because.  And so totally unnecessary.


As a clumsy person of jewelry with small parts, I can sympathize totally with the Places These Things (Impossibly) End Up. Once I was doing laps of the floor at work and my earring, which had a French (fish-hook shaped, but with a longer tail) hook fell out of my ear. I watched as it skittered directly toward the gap on the floor where the doorway molding didn't quite reach the tile. As if it was pulled by a magnet, it perfectly slid the only way it could possibly fit into the tiny opening and disappeared from sight.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would have sworn it couldn't have happened.

random axe:
Hostile elves, man.

I feel like this should be the subtitle for most of modern life.


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