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There is no reason for anything posted here. It just exists.

Case in point:

One of my best friends works for a company that builds sets for TV sports, news, etc. type programs.
For example, they have done the sets for NBC's Olympic coverage for many years now. They even did sets for The Daily Show & Colbert Report way back when.
It was pretty cool stuff, especially since at one point early on he was in charge of fabricating the rather elaborate desks.

He can't stand the place anymore, partly because it's rather poorly run, but also because we're of the age that mid-life crises make accepting the same old shit difficult.
But I digress.

We grew up together, and always had a particularly strong bond over playing & listening to music.
Probably the core of that bond began with Led Zeppelin; we probably watched The Song Remains the Same a thousand times together when we were young.
We worked our way through most classic rock, did the jam band thing (still do, to an extent), Zappa, you name it.
Naturally, Black Sabbath found its way in there at some point along the way as it tends to do. I grew up with a copy of Paranoid on vinyl, so it was always sort of there.

The combination of his job and Black Sabbath always amused me to no end, as I would refer to him as the Sorcerer of Desk Construction.

This is a terrible story and an awful joke. I would apologize for wasting your time, but presumably, you read the subject of this thread.

:spittake: :lol:

Dr. Leonard HmofCoy:
:jam: :headbang: :jam: :nerd:

Speaking of Sabbath, these guys were hilarious in concert Pair O Buns


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