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What's for Lunch/Dinner/Whatever?

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random axe:
A) You said muffins, and I don't do retractions.

B)  I meant stove.  I don't have a stove, either.

Once upon a time, I did make French toast in a toaster oven, which worked great so long as I was neat about it.

Now that I think about it, I remember you mentioning not having this appliance or that appliance, and I think you said you had a small kitchen, but WTF? How have you been getting by all this time without an oven or stove? A used one can't be that expensive...?

random axe:
Bah!  Also, I don't recommend buying a used gas stove.

First year I lived in this house, I didn't have a refrigerator.  I'm adaptable.  A microwave, an electric kettle, and a working sink . . . I can get by. 

Ah. Total electric here. I guess you don't have a 220 outlet/circuit there, right?

random axe:
Only in the basement.  :shrug:

Honestly, if I can start selling my house this year, so much the better, anyway.  At this point I'm only trying to do the repairs that make the biggest visual difference.


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