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The Password Is...
« on: May 01, 2007, 09:45:43 PM »
Remember the gameshow, Password?  It (the one I remember) aired on ABC from 1971 to 1975.  I thought it might be fun to try it as a forum game.   I tried setting it up elsewhere, but...

Here's how it would work: (stolen and altered slightly from wikipedia)
Two teams each consisting of two players will compete. The password (the word to be conveyed) will be given to one player on each team and shown to the remainder of the forum members in another thread. Game play will alternate between the two teams. On either team, the player who was given the password will give a one-word clue from which his/her partner will attempt to guess the password. If the partner fails to guess the password, or if an illegal clue is given (two or more words, a hyphenated word, or any part or form of the password), play passed to the opposing team.

There are a possible 1000 pointless points per password.  Each time a clue is given, the point value is reduced by 200.  The first team to score 2000 points wins.

Here's an example game:
Team 1: The Hawties -- Detta & Catwritr
Team 2: The d00ds -- flipper & psi

In another thread, the password is conveyed to Detta and flipper.  I think the password should be given in 1pt font so that if someone wants to play along without knowing the password they can.  Catwritr and psi promise not to go into that thread while they're playing the guesser-role. 

The password for round one is "Slot Machine"

Back in this thread, Detta gives the first clue.  For 1000 points...
Detta: Slit
Catwritr: opening

Next, building on the clue that Detta provided, flipper gives a clue  For 800 points...
flipper: Coin
psi: Vending Machine

Play continues...  For 600 points...
Detta: Gambling
Catwritr: Bingo

For 400 points...
flipper: Las Vegas
psi: Slot Machine

The next round the players switch places so that catwritr and psi are giving the clues and Detta and pb are guessing.

The only people posting in this thread are the 4 contestants and the "host" (me!).  Meanwhile, in the other thread, where the clue was given, the rest of the forum members are all laughing at the answers that are given to the clues provided and wondering why they're not guessing right because, to us, it's soooooo obvious.

Sound like fun?
let me know in the Password Discussion Thread and I'll set up teams.
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