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I went out shopping today to Steve & Barry's.

A) Their sizes run small. As in, an XL t-shirt (a babydoll style one, I guess) didn't fit me. Whatever. Also I know I am overweight, but I am NOT that much above average, and it's disappointing to not be able to wear cute things because the biggest size they have makes you look like a string of sausages.

B) I spent $84 and got the following: 2 pair of jeans ($11 each), 2 "boxer-style" shorts, 2 leather belts, a polo, another top, a UVA hoodie (for only $12.98!!), and a pair of athletic pants.

C) My concern with this is that I'm sure some small child somewhere made my clothes for like $.50/month. I've looked but I can't seem to dig up any dirt on Steve & Barry's online. I guess that's a good thing, but I'm still uneasy about how this stuff is so cheap when it looks like decent quality.

Overall it was pretty good. I'd definitely go back to get more jeans if I lose, like, 25lbs. :P

Find any good deals lately?

Funny, I just read about this a little bit ago. You might find these links interesting: (context - SJP's line for Steve & Barry's) (the ethics of the cheap clothes)

random axe:
I generally buy jeans through Sportsman's  I've heard their manufacturing processes are OK, but I've never seen anything much either way about that.  I do buy their in-house jeans, which last about 3-4 years and cost me about $13 a pair (plus, alas, S&H), but they mostly carry other manufacturers (close-outs, overstocks, discontinued styles).

SG is like any bargain catalog company.  You're best off if you have a pretty good idea of what you're buying, since you can't examine it much yourself and can't necessarily trust the description 100%.  You also want to be prepared to send something back if it doesn't fit, isn't as described, etc.  Their return policy is pretty good (you can return anything, at any time, for any reason), but you have to pay return shipping in most cases.

Their S&H is way too high, if you ask me, but it's definitely comparable to a lot of other online places, and they're generally still very competitive once you calculate the overall price.  Still, just as with being sure of what you're buying, it's worth researching the price.  Some of their bargains are OK, and some are massive steals. 

Of course, one reason I like them is that they do government and military surplus, which is not a factor for everyone.

the other andrea:
I've been shopping for clothes lately because when I pulled out my "summer wardrobe," everything was either too big for me or was past its expiration date (not in the fashion trend sense, but the "been washed too many times" sense).

So there's a new Target and a Kohl's about 10 miles from my house (it's becoming less and less "the boonies" out here, which is a topic for another time). Target has really gone downhill in its clothing, IMHO. Not even really that cheap anymore, and the quality has gone down. But Kohl's is acceptable, especially when it comes to their sales. I just wanted some cheap summery clothes I wouldn't feel bad about downsizing next summer (when hopefully I've lost more weight).

The first time I went into Kohl's I went through the women's section and was lucky -- I got a pair of cotton knit mid-calf length yoga pants and some spaghetti strap tank tops.

But my experience has always been that since I'm tall and have a long torso, I find better suited clothes in the men's section, which I did -- cargo shorts and nice short sleeve button-up shirts. I find that men's clothes always seem to be less expensive and better made.

Women's clothes have always driven me crazy. Why can't women's pants (and blazers) have pockets? Why do women's shoes have no support in them to speak of? And why are there so few out-layer type options (like coats, light jackets or cardigans) in the women's section? Are women not supposed to wear jackets?

Most of my shoes come from the men's section, too, because some stores don't always stock sizes larger than 10 in the women's section. Invariably, my men's shoes outlast similar styles in women's shoes in durability (and comfort).

random axe:
If I were a woman, I'd wear men's clothes.  As it is, the vast majority of clothing sold to men in this country is too fashionized and not functional enough to please me.


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