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Do we have a pet thread?

I have 3 dogs. 2 of them are trained to go in their cage when I tell them to or they just automatically go lay down in there when they know I'm getting dressed to leave the house. It's amazing that they know the difference of my getting dressed to leave and me getting dressed to take them for a walk. Anyways....

I actually cleaned the living room the other night and decided to move the cages from Wall A to Wall B. From Wall B I moved a cushiony purple chair to Wall A.  Now when ever I tell the dogs to go to their cages they get up in the purple chair where their cages used to be. Nevermind their homes are still easily accessible and just on the other wall in the same room. If they don't get up in the chair then they'll sit in front of it.

Guess I'll be moving the cages back tonight.

random axe:

I'm sure I've told this story before, but:  Some friends of mine, many years ago, bought a funny-looking little puppy at a shelter, and the shelter people didn't know what breed it was.  Short-haired golden puppy with a weird Mohawk strip down its spine.

Anyway, they brought it home and confined it to the kitchen while it was being housebroken.  They kept it from going into the living room by putting a 2x4, on its side, across the doorway.  The puppy was so small it couldn't jump over the board.

A year later, the dog is a ginormous Rhodesian ridgeback (almost 150 lb / 70 kg) who thinks he's still a puppy.  Wants to climb up into your lap, jumps around in joy when visitors come over, etc.  So when they have company, they confine him to the kitchen . . . by putting the 2x4 across the doorway. 

And the dog will lean way, way over the board, looking mournfully out, like Why have you locked me in here?  But he won't jump (or just walk) over the board.

3 dogs - Kane, the German Shepherd, is only 10 months old and is already 85 lbs.  Smart fucker too.  We had to install dog door on the back side of the house because when he was tall enough to reach the door handle, he would let himself in from the back yard.  The little dogs are cool as hell.     

3 cats.  All weird, even by cat standards.

My one dog is smart and manipulative little thing. I know I've told this story before but it's one of my favorites.

So I used to live on the second story of my apartment building. Turtle used to sit by the door when he needed to go outside but it was down a short hallway. I wouldn’t always see him right away. I ended up buying him this wireless dog paw doorbell. It was a big plastic dog paw that he pressed which would ring a bell to let me know he needed to go out. Training didn’t go so well. He hated, hated, pressing that thing for some reason. Every time before we went out I would pick him up, carry him over to the paw, and take his foot and manually press it against it to ring the bell. He wouldn’t do it on his own though and continued to sit by the door instead.

One day my boyfriend and I were having some nice foreplay leading into sex. And wouldn’t you know it. Ding dong. I groaned – and not the good kind of groaning. If I didn’t take him out, the dog, then I’m negating his training. If I do take him out I have to get dressed, walk down stairs, let him do his business, and then get back into the action. As with everything in my life, dogs come first. My boyfriend actually offered and took him out for me. So they come back in, he gets undressed, and game on. Ding dong. I looked over at Turtle and I swear this dog had a smug F.U. look on his face. I told him No! And he pressed it again! And again. And again. I finally had to pick the damn paw up off the floor.

The only time that dog ever used the thing is when I was having sex.

I have a dog and a cat.  Cadence, the dog, is very stupid.  So stupid, in fact, that she comes across as well trained.  That's because she won't do anything until you tell her to do it.  But, it's not because she's so well trained.  It's because the only thing going on in here little dog brain is, "I love you, daddy!"  She's not capable of independent thought or action.

I have a jingle-bell tied to a leather string by the back door.  She uses it to tell me when she needs to go out... sometimes.  Most of the time she'll stand by the back door wagging her tail until I say, "Ring the bell."  Then, she does.  If she's not standing next to the bell and I tell her to ring the bell, she will paw at whatever is closest to her... the cat, the couch, a box... whatever.


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