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Weather ... or not

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It's going ot rain. For days.
They keep vacillating as to whether or not we'll get boomers.

*edt spel czech*

Better hang your slicker by the door, just in case.....oh, don't forget the giant meathook to complete the outfit.

We just had some kind of temper tantrum here.

From the window of the 31st floor, it was snowing like hell and the sun was raging.

Now, in the aftermath, are the coolest most excellent ice-cream looking clouds.

All the cool stuff happens when I don't bring the camera...

It was sprinkling when I left the house today.  A quick look out the winder and the sky is blue but it looks pretty windy.

It was around 50 degrees today, and it's still at 46 degrees at 9:15pm. In January. In Wisconsin. It should be snowing and -3 degrees. What the blippin' hell?


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